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Industrial Scale Integration Services  

Does it sometimes feel like you have all the right technology tools at your disposal, but you just can’t find a good way to make them fit together? Does it seem like you’re not getting the maximum benefit from your business software? These are common issues that many organizations face in today’s “plug and play” industrial world. Integration is the key to harnessing the power of today’s technology and communications and using them in the most effective and efficient manner.

The team at Precision Solutions includes our capable Integrated Solutions Group that specializes in integrating equipment, technologies and software into coordinated systems that provide the functions and information to keep your operations running smoothly. Our scale integration service can help you find the right solutions to typical integration challenges such as:

  • Establishing communications between your scales and computer systems
  • Adding product identification to weight transactions
  • Printing bar code labels with weights, product identification, and product tracking information
  • Shutting off a valve or feeder when the tank or vessel is full
  • Turning on and off valves and feeders at specific weight targets for batching and blending processes.
  • Creating seamless integration between scales, barcode scanners, printers and computers
  • Collecting transaction data from WIP and production stations

How Can I Integrate Scales With ERP and SAP?

If yours is like many companies these days, you rely on enterprise resource planning software like SAP and Oracle to manage your business operations more efficiently. Our Integrated Solutions team has been interfacing plant floor systems with computers and ERP systems for more than 30 years.

There are numerous ways we can establish ERP integration with weighing scales and barcode solutions, which can provide a wide range of benefits for your business, including reducing mistakes by manual operator entry, automatically capturing the accurate weight from the scale and lowering your operating costs. We can provide barcode and weight data integration for various common file types, and we also have the ability to integrate weight and production data with SQL Server.

There are numerous benefits to scale weight integration with your SAP ERP software. These include avoiding costly mistakes that can result from a manual operator attempting to write down measurements, the ability to automatically pick an accurate weight from the scale and indicator, the ability to increase efficiency, saving time and money, and more.

You can only derive these benefits if your software communicates with your scale systems. Seamless integration of scales with ERP and SAP is a key to maximizing efficiency.

Each company has its own way of using software for your business and industry. We understand you don’t need a cookie-cutter solution to your ERP and SAP weighing scale integration. Here at Precision Solutions Inc. we will customize your integration to fit your needs and expectations. When you want a custom solution to weighing scale integration for SAP, Precision Solutions is your one stop shop.

When you contact Precision Solutions Inc. about your SAP weighing scale integration issues, you will benefit from our unique ability to configure the weighing scale data or even write our own custom programming that will enable your SAP integration. We understand that all companies use SAP differently, and our experts will work with you directly to format the weight information you need for SAP.

We create custom software that is geared toward your specific setup so you won’t have to change your system to accommodate our software.  This helps you overcome the challenges that are typically associated with integration of weighing scales.

Effective system integration is the absolute key to a successful upgrade to an ERP system. Many ERP projects may fail because of lack of attention to proper system integration. When you have the right system integration working for you, you get a smooth transfer of data and fast and easy measurements. Integration problems can create redundancies, errors and general wasting of time and money.

A custom ERP integration solution of the kind that Precision Solutions Inc. is able to provide can help you sidestep all the pitfalls and reap all the benefits of SAP weight scale integration.

We Make Weight Data Integration a Smooth, Seamless Process

When you choose Precision Solutions as your industrial scale integration service provider, you also experience our renowned Benchmark Customer Care that differentiates us from our competitors. Our Integrated Solutions Group will work closely with your staff to develop and implement a customized integrated scale software solution for your company, giving you a greater sense of security and confidence in your weighing, measurement and compliance processes.

That’s just one example of how we’ll strive to enhance and add value to your business.

Scale Integration Available Across the US

Although Precision Solutions Inc. operates out of Eastern Pennsylvania, we extend our reach throughout the United States with our Integrated Solutions. Whether you’re a trucking company in California, an oil refinery in Texas or a pharmaceutical manufacturer in New York, we’ll help you automate your processes by integrating your industrial scales with custom software.

For more information on our service area, contact a representative today!

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Precision Solutions Inc. is renowned for our ability to instill confidence in our customers with respect to their measurement, weighing and compliance because of the reliability and accuracy of our solutions.

Our technicians are certified by the International Society of Weighing and Measurement, and all our software experts are highly experienced professionals in their field of weigh scale data integration. When you put your measurement concerns in our hands, you can relax and focus on what your business actually does best. The sooner you contact us, the sooner you can take advantage of our ability to streamline your weighing and measuring, monitoring and reporting processes.

Don’t let frustration over the inability to “put the pieces together” prevent you from getting the most out of your business software. Precision Solutions can assist with integrating weighing scales and barcoding solutions for companies in the Lehigh Valley and Delaware Valley regions of PA. We also provide service throughout New Jersey.

Contact us, and we’ll be glad to discuss your special requirements.

Washdown Weigh and Label Products Available for Integration with Weighing Equipment

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“We thought that we would save some money by having a scale company with lower rates repair our truck scale. Turns out that the lower priced service company isn’t always the less expensive solution. The “Lower Rate” scale company sent two service technicians for a full day and was unable to bring the scale back into service. We called the folks from Precision and they sent one service technician who repaired our scale and had us up and running in less than four hours. Their knowledge and years of experience is worth the higher hourly rate which in the end would have saved us a lot of money.” – Bryan Hughes, Haines & Kibblehouse, Inc.

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