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Precision Solutions can help solve your most challenging applications using Custom Engineered Solutions from our Integrated Solutions Team.  In the world of manufacturing it is not at all unusual to be faced with challenges for which there is no off-the-shelf solution.  For more than 30 years Precision Solutions has been providing custom engineered solutions fulfilling special requirements for industry and meeting the needs of our customers.programmers developing a custom programming solutionFrom unique weighing applications through complex data acquisition systems and almost anything in between our range of solutions is unusually broad. Our Systems Group has solved the most challenging applications by tapping into the experience of our in-house staff of Systems Specialists, Programmers, ISWM Certified Weighing Experts in combination with engineers and industry experts from leading manufacturers and providers of weighing, labeling, barcoding, process control and material handling systems.Some of our customers look to us to automate entire plants and processes, linking their MIS department to a network of weighing data collection equipment.  Others look to us for integrating load cells and weighing systems into tanks or mixing systems.


Laboratory for developing custom engineering solutionsFollowing is a partial listing of some of the Custom Engineered Solutions we have provided:

  • Barcode weigh and label systems
  • Plant floor data acquisition systems
  • In motion checkweighing and sortation
  • Product track and trace systems
  • Barcode inventory management systems
  • Overhead lifting spreader beam portable weighing systems
  • In-motion railroad car weighing
  • Batch control systems
  • Dispensing systems

So although we’d never claim to be all things to all people, we really are different things to different customers. It goes with the territory, when you believe in tailoring your work to perfectly fit your customers’ needs.

We welcome the opportunity to talk to you about your special requirements.  Please contact us, we are anxious to learn more about your goals and plans.

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