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Crane Scale for Metal Manufacturing IndustryCrane scales are used to weigh heavy hanging loads when the use of conventional floor or platform scales is too precarious, inefficient, or operationally unviable. Industrial crane scales can be standalone units or attach to an existing crane. Today, there are an abundance of crane scales available in the market to suit the specific needs of each manufacturing or logistics operation.

Crane Scale Features

Precision Solutions engages with its clients to understand their specific needs before recommending an industrial crane scale for their operation. Crane scales are a category of dynamic weighing tools that offer real-time insights, increase productivity, and minimize safety concerns. Below are a few features to consider when choosing a digital crane scale:

  • Hook or shackle attachments
  • WIFI and Bluetooth communications
  • NTEP, Certified for legal-for-trade applications
  • Hand or desktop indicators
  • Below-the-hook weighing or integrated weighing design

Common Applications of Crane Scales

Precision Solutions has provided crane scales to teams in metal manufacturing and foundries, chemical manufacturing, and material handling, among other industries.

Precision Solutions sells industrial crane scales from industry-leading manufacturers such as MSI, Dillon, CAS, and Intercomp. For more information about potential applications or help sourcing the right product for your needs, contact Precision Solutions and speak with a weighing solution specialist directly.

Custom Engineered Crane Scale Solutions

Precision Solutions specializes in providing thoughtfully-engineered custom weighing solutions for its customers in manufacturing. To illustrate, the team at Precision Solutions provided a client with a custom beam scale. Our engineers incorporated load pins and a weight indicator into the beam itself —watch the video below to learn more. Our Integrated Solutions team specializes in custom programming for weighing applications. What’s more, they are experts in data communications. Talk to our Integrated Solutions team about how they can get weighment data where you need it to be, when you need it to be there.

Crane Scale Calibration and Repair Services

With a scope of calibration that includes not only scales and balances but also forces measurement, Precision Solutions is prepared to calibrate high capacity crane scales in the field or in our laboratory.

For calibrations in the field, our technicians come prepared with certified test weights that are traceable to NIST. Our team uses spreader bars with 1000 lb. blocks to increase our testing capacities in the field. In our laboratory, we also have the ability to test high capacity crane scales via our force testing stand which can test up to 20,000 lb.

Our team of Certified Weighing Technicians are experts in load cell repair and can bring your malfunctioning crane scales back to life.

Contact Precision Solutions for More Information

When you purchase a digital crane scale from Precision Solutions you’re working with a team that’s committed to your success. Precision Solutions, Inc. leverages the team’s broad expertise in weighing and force measurement to customize, sell, repair, and calibrate crane scales. Get in touch with us at our Quakertown, PA, head office.

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