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Test weights can be used to verify the performance of a scale or balances between professional calibrations. These tests ensure that your scales and balances are performing within tolerance between calibrations. Precision Solutions has many different test weights available for sale. We can provide class 0 through 7 and class F test weights from Rice Lake and Troemner.

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Why Use Test Weights?

With regular use in industrial settings, scales and balances may drift between calibrations; meaning, as operators use their scales and balances, they may receive inaccurate weighment data that is out of tolerance.  While the best practice is to maintain a regular calibration cycle with certified weighing professionals, operators may also choose to conduct interim calibrations via their own in-house test weights. In this scenario, certified test weights that are traceable to NIST should be used.   

Test Weight Calibration Services and Sales from Precision Solutions

Precision Solutions is an ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited calibration company.  We believe your calibration needs should be addressed with quality and expertise. Along with our partner laboratories in the region, we offer a full suite of calibration services including certified mass calibrations.  Please give us a call and we would be happy to coordinate calibrations for all of your operation’s devices.  Contact our team today.

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