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Intrinsically safe and hazardous environment scales are designed to produce consistently accurate measurements while operating with minimal energy use. Application specialists at Precision Solutions utilize intrinsically safe scales from industry leaders such as GSE, Minebea Intec and Rice Lake Weighing Systems to create custom solutions for chemical, grain processing and other hazardous environments. Furthermore, the team at Precision Solutions offers custom, in-house technologies to help its customers with safe data collection and processing.

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Choose From Leading Intrinsically-Safe Scales for Sale

Our intrinsically-safe scales for sale provide not only precise measurements but also exceptional safe for hazardous environments. . Whether your industry’s focus is healthcare, pharmaceutical, logistics or manufacturing, you can trust the industry-leading design and construction of our scales for hazardous environments.

With decades of experience as well as a team of Certified Weighing Technicians (CWTs), who the International Society of Weighing and Measurement (ISWM) vets, we can help you find the best intrinsically-safe weighing scales for your needs.

Find Top-Quality Intrinsically-Safe Floor Scales for Sale

Scales for hazardous environments are depended on for many different applications, which is why we offer intrinsically-safe floor scales for sale. These scales are manufactured by leaders in the industry like Rice Lake Weighing and Minebea Intec.

With their rugged and durable build as well as customizable options — like an anti-slip surface or sub-floor pit mount — you’re given a reliable and precise scale for your hazardous environment. Not only do these scales eliminate product giveaway, but they also maximize your plant’s efficiency and safety.


Service Your Scales for Hazardous Environments

Our services at Precision Solutions begin with providing intrinsically-safe weighing scales. We also offer the following support services for your scales:



When your intrinsically-safe scales demonstrate errors with accuracy or other performance issues, you can always call on our team of Certified Weight Technicians. Our repair services include onsite and offsite assessments and fixes. If you’re outside of our Pennsylvania and New Jersey service area, ship your equipment to our facility in Quakertown, PA, and we’ll repair it as soon as possible.



Keeping your scales for hazardous environments calibrated offers several benefits, from limiting product giveaway to ensuring successful audits. Our Certified Weight Technicians conduct our calibration services to the auditing standards of the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) as well as those of the National Institute of Standards Technology (NIST). We also offer preventive maintenance agreements for calibrations. We will manage and schedule calibrations to ensure a cycle is never missed.



With our scale integration services, you can boost the benefits of your intrinsically-safe weighing scales. We’ll coordinate your scales, software and other technologies into a custom system that integrates your operations and remedies common challenges in your industry,



We understand that your company may work around-the-clock to meet product orders and the demands of your customers, which is why we offer a 24/7/365 emergency service that’s available to businesses in our Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey service area.


Learn More About Our Intrinsically-Safe Weighing Scales

At Precision Solutions, our experience with intrinsically-safe weighing scales goes back decades. Our experience, as well as our pledge to honesty, innovation and service, is why companies across Pennsylvania, New Jersey and beyond trust us for all their weighing needs.


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