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Barcode Scanner

Precision Solutions offers both handheld and fixed-mount scanners with 1D and 2D capabilities from Symbol, Zebra, Motorola and Sick.

Barcode Solutions

When customers are considering Precision Solutions’ line of handheld scanners, application specialists at Precision Solutions will guide customers in choosing between wireless handheld scanners utilizing Wi-Fi technology and cordless scanners utilizing Bluetooth technology. Coinciding, application specialists help their customers integrate bar code scanners into customized counting and labeling solutions.

Different types of barcode scanners are appropriate for different needs, which is why we have a range of barcode scanners for sale from most major brands for you to choose from. If you need barcode scanners for your business, you’ll want to order them from the most trusted name in calibration and barcode scanning supplies: Precision Solutions.

Barcode Scanners

Finding the right barcode scanners for your operation depends on a variety of factors, including where and how you intend to use your scanners, the types of barcodes you’re scanning and so on. For your convenience, Precision Solutions offers both handheld scanners and fixed-mount scanners from the most reliable barcode scanner brands.

Handheld Scanners

Precision Solutions offers a variety of handheld scanners for use in your scanning applications. These scanners are easy to use — you just hold them in your hand and bring them to the item you wish to scan.

Today’s handheld scanners offer convenient cordless options, including a wireless handheld scanner which uses Wi-Fi or a cordless scanner that takes advantage of Bluetooth technology. Your employees don’t have to remain tethered to a computer or deal with troublesome cords while performing their scanning work.

Fixed-Mount Scanners

Fixed-mount scanners are more appropriate for warehousing and manufacturing applications. Manufacturers design these scanners for integration with a larger system. For example, they may be mounted on a conveyor belt to scan every item that comes by in an automated fashion.

We have fixed-mount scanners that can scan one-dimensional (1D) codes like UPC codes as well as two-dimensional (2D) codes like QR codes.


If there is a particular brand of barcode scanner you prefer, just contact Precision Solutions to find it.

We offer everything from Sick barcode scanners for sale to Symbol to Zebra and Motorola barcode scanners. We offer many other trusted barcode scanner brands as well, so if there’s a brand or type of scanner you don’t see on our website, just contact us and we’re almost certain we will be able to find a scanner that meets your requirements.

Order All of Your Barcode Scanners From Precision Solutions Now

We bring the same care and commitment to customer satisfaction to our barcode scanner sales as we do to all of our operations. You can be sure you will enjoy quality service every time you order barcode scanners from Precision Solutions.

The right barcode scanners can make your operation run much more smoothly — and our barcode scanners are state-of-the-art, efficient and reliable. If you need new scanners for your business, there’s no time to waste. Contact Precision Solutions today to explore how our application specialists can help you integrate the right barcode scanners into your operation.

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