Community Outreach

Precision Solutions Community Outreach

One of the great things about our community is the way people pull together to help each other and care for their surroundings. We are grateful for the opportunities that we have been granted and embrace the spirit of helping others and serving a greater good. Our lives are enriched by these experiences and we share our volunteer stories in hopes that others may be inspired to give-back in their own way and find the same sense of fulfillment that we enjoy.

Helping others in our communities and being responsible stewards of our environment are part of the longstanding culture at Precision Solutions.

Our compassionate team of caring people can be found helping their neighbors in need, their environment and the community at large in many different ways. Everything from coaching youth sports to helping with Habitat for Humanity projects to riding bicycles from coast to coast to raise awareness and funds for the Children’s Tumor Foundation are examples of how our team shares their talents and shows their compassion and concern.

Precision Solutions community outreach endeavors

In March of 2011, Precision Solutions formalized a Volunteer Service Program recognizing those who participate in volunteer service and encouraging others to get involved. The early program volunteers engaged in performing at benefit concerts, participating in benefit walks, coaching youth sports, cleaning up community parks, tagging rattle snakes, working with Cub Scouts and delivering toys for children in hospitals. We greatly appreciate the work they have done and look forward to seeing the many different ways our team will continue in their volunteer service. Our core purpose is, “Making a positive difference in the lives and businesses of those we serve”. We think of our volunteer service as another way to demonstrate our commitment to this purpose.