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Scale RepairConsistent use of weighing equipment may require repairs after time.  If your scale, balance, or industrial printer is down, contact Precision Solutions. Our Certified Weighing Technicians will calibrate and repair your equipment with accuracy and efficiency.

From high precision balances to heavy capacity scales, the repair technicians at Precision Solutions are capable of handling all weighing applications. Our service technicians go through rigorous factory training with our partners such as Avery Weigh-Tronix and Rice Lake. At Precision Solutions, we are there when you need us: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

While many scale companies outsource printer repairs, Precision Solutions has a printer repair technician in-house. We minimize downtime for our customers in their time of need by offering responsive repair services for entire weighing systems.

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Scale Repair Services

No matter how our manufacturing partners measure their performance – throughput rate, avoided cost, or successful audits – our team at Precision Solutions genuinely cares about our partners’ ongoing success. That’s why our scale repair services include emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Despite the proliferation of new scale brands, our scale service and repair team based out of Quakertown, PA can repair any brand of scale including Avery Weigh-Tronix, Mettler Toledo, Rice Lake, Minebea-Intec, Sartorius and more.

Every inspection and repair is completed by one of our Weighing Technicians who, as part of their development, are required to take the Certified Weighing Technician (CWT) exam through the International Society of Weighing and Measurement (ISWM). With our commitment to continuous learning, our technicians familiarize themselves with best-practice calibration procedures including those from Handbook 44 (H44) and USP41.

Precision Solutions maintains strong partnerships with the leading scale and balance manufacturers. Through our professional ties, we help our clients determine what repairs may be needed, and procure replacement parts under warranty whenever applicable.

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Advantages of Our Scale Repair Services

We provide several benefits as your scale repair service provider:

  • Expertise – Our Technicians go through rigorous preparation to become Certified Weighing Technicians through the International Society of Weights and Measures (ISWM). Precision Solutions, is committed to continuous learning to keep us out-front as leaders in weighing technology.
  • Continuity – Whenever possible, our clients’ repairs and calibrations are executed by the same technician every visit. Our technicians use their historical knowledge of each specific weighing system to thoughtfully diagnose any problems our clients experience.
  • Competence – The team at Precision Solutions Inc., encompass a broad range of technical competencies. Combined, our Technicians can repair scales, balances, force measurement equipment, industrial printers, and barcode scanners. Our Integrated Solutions team can diagnose and address issues with network connectivity, data communications, corrupt databases, or malfunctioning software.
  • Urgency – Our emergency repair services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We respond the moment our clients need us because we care.
  • Credibility – We are ISO 17025 Accredited through A2LA to provide scale and balance calibration services.
  • Precision – Our Certified Weighing Technicians use mass standards that are traceable to NIST for all scale repairs. Our calibration certificates demonstrate traceability to the SI through NIST.
  • Dedication – It’s undeniable that some scale repairs are hard to diagnose. While others may walk-away from an unresolved repair and recommend a replacement scale or balance, our Technicians don’t give up. Whether we need to switch out your mainboard or rewire your load cells, we’ll get the job done right.
  • Integrity – We are a values-based organization that is focused on creating win-win scenarios in every encounter. At Precision Solutions, we believe we are only successful when our clients are successful. Specifically, when executing your repairs, we will do everything possible to minimize downtime and controlling costs for your operation.

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Industries Served


Chemical –Our scale technicians receive extensive factory training and are capable of repairing analytical balances, moisture analyzers, tanks and hoppers, or any other weighing equipment found in chemical manufacturing operations. Our scale technicians are capable of handling hazardous area scale repairs as well.

Food & Beverage

Food and Beverage –From precision balances used for laboratory weighing to platform scales found on the plant floor, our scale technicians will be there in your time of need with fast response times and NIST traceable test weights. Precision Solutions is an ISO 17025 Accredited scale calibration and repair company and we can provide traceable calibration certificates.

Healthcare & Medical

Healthcare and Medical –Our team provides emergency scale repair services for all medical scales. We conduct every repair with unwavering attention to safety measures.


Manufacturing –Precision Solutions minimizes downtime for our manufacturing partners by providing responsive and efficient scale service and repair; if a scale requires replacement, we offer rental scales to minimize any downtime. In addition to scales and balances, our team is ready to help with your material test stands, dimensional equipment, and other metrological tools.

Material Handling, Warehousing, & Logistics

Material Handling, Warehousing, & Logistics –Our Certified Weighing Technicians can calibrate all scale equipment found in logistics operations including forklift scales, crane scales, shipping scales, and counting scales.

Meat & Poultry

Meat and Poultry –We know many meat and poultry operations utilize scale software and custom weighing systems. Precision Solutions is uniquely positioned to partner with meat and poultry manufacturers by providing both scale and balance repair and weighing system support services through our in-house Integrated Solutions team.

Mining & Bulk Materials

Mining and Bulk Materials –Precision Solutions partners with leading manufacturers including Rice Lake and Avery Weigh-Tronix to ensure our customers’ weigh modules, weigh bars, and load cells are reading accurately and performing admirably in even the harshest industrial conditions. Our team is equipped with a heavy capacity weight truck and NIST traceable weights to calibrate all of our partners’ heavy capacity scales including legal for trade rail scales and truck scales.


Pharmaceutical –Our technicians repair scales for pharmaceutical applications from precision balances to heavy capacity scales. In pharmaceutical applications, we regularly repair balances from manufacturers including Sartorius and Mettler Toledo.

Waste Management & Recycling

Waste Management and Recycling –The Certified Weighing Technicians at Precision Solutions are seasoned, industrial weighing experts; they are capable of tackling any repairs, including heavy capacity scales, at your waste management or recycling operation.

Types of Scales and Balances We Repair

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At Precision Solutions, we’ve provided scale repair services to customers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and the surrounding region since 1968. A lot has changed since we opened our doors many years ago, but our foundation of integrity, honesty, and trust remains true and provides the conduit for our longstanding relationships with our customers. To our customers, teammates, suppliers, and community, we strive to do what is right and be worthy of your trust every day. We put nothing else above this commitment.

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“We thought that we would save some money by having a scale company with lower rates repair our truck scale. Turns out that the lower priced service company isn’t always the less expensive solution. The “Lower Rate” scale company sent two service technicians for a full day and was unable to bring the scale back into service. We called the folks from Precision and they sent one service technician who repaired our scale and had us up and running in less than four hours. Their knowledge and years of experience is worth the higher hourly rate which in the end would have saved us a lot of money.” – Bryan Hughes, Haines & Kibblehouse, Inc.

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