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If your weighing equipment, force gauge or industrial printer needs repair, calling a Precision Solutions, Inc. technician to handle the job is hands-down, the best move you can make.

Scale Repair

From high precision scales and balances to heavy capacity weighing equipment, Precision Solutions, Inc. repair technicians can handle your repair. Our service technicians have gone through rigorous factory training to ensure repairs are performed right and in a timely manner. Precision Solutions, Inc.’s technicians have access to an extensive inventory of parts at our offices, as well as a good supply right on board their service vehicle. And we are there when you need us with service available to our customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Certified Datamax Repair Technician

Precision Solutions, Inc. also has a certified Honeywell & Datamax-O’Neil Printer repair technician right in-house and local to you. Our expert technician knows how to bring your printers back to life, keep them running properly and has an ample supply of parts on-hand for speedy maintenance and typical repairs.

Contact Precision Solutions, Inc. today to get your weighing, force and printing equipment back up and running.

Scale Repair Services

Scales play a crucial role in your day-to-day operations whether you’re in the manufacturing, waste management, pharmaceutical, food or another industry that depends on precise measurements to optimize your efficiency, profits, products and more.

We understand the necessity of scales at Precision Solutions, Inc. That’s why our scale repair services include emergency service as well as the option to have repairs done on-site or at our facility in Quakertown, PA. We can also repair any brand of scale.

Every inspection and repair is completed by one of our Weighing Technicians, who are required to take NIST Handbook 44 training and pass their H44 and Certified Weighing Technician (CWT’s) exams through the International Society of Weighing and Measurement (ISWM) certification program. Types of scales we repair include:

We’ll handle the process of working on hardware that’s under warranty, too. Our team will work with the manufacturer on warranty repairs , which saves you the time of requesting a refund or replacement part.

Advantages of Our Scale Repair Services

We provide several benefits as your scale repair service provider, including:

  • Dedication: Our team’s always ready to go above and beyond to deliver the repairs your scales or printers require. Whether we need to switch out your mainboard and load cells or replace your wiring and cables, we’ll get the job done.
  • Honesty: A core value of our ISO 17025 accredited company is honesty. When our CWTs arrive at your facility or open your equipment at our location, you can trust they’ll provide an honest assessment of what repairs your scales or printers need as well as an accurate timeframe for how long repairs will take.
  • Reliability: Your company can always depend on our scale repair services. With our 24/7 emergency services, which are available 365 days a year, we’re ready to head to your location to conduct repairs.
  • Innovation: We’ve provided our scale repair services to New Jersey and Pennsylvania businesses for decades. With our dedication and commitment to delivering the highest level of customer care and service, we’ve become adept at providing innovative solutions to broken scales and printers, which helps you get back to business fast.

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Learn More About Our Scale Repair Services in PA, NJ and Beyond

At Precision Solutions, Inc., we’ve provided scale repair services to Pennsylvania, New Jersey and beyond for decades. Over that time, our certified team has built a reputation for providing honest, high-quality repairs that restore essential equipment to maximum performance while limiting your company’s downtime. We even have scales you can rent while your equipment is down.


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