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Barcode Scanners

Barcode Scanner

Different types of barcode scanners are appropriate for different needs, which is why we offer a wide range of barcode scanners from most major brands for you to choose from. If you need barcode scanners for your business, you’ll want to order them from a trusted local source in barcode scanning supplies; Precision Solutions, Inc.

Balances and Laboratory Weighing

Balances and Laboratory Weighing

We offer a variety of Balances from well-known industry leaders such as Sartorius, A&D Engineering, Rice Lake, and Ohaus.
Whether you’re looking for a Compact, High Resolution, Precision, or Analytical Balance, Precision Solutions’ Application Specialists can help you find the right equipment.

Counting Scales and Parts Counting

small parts counting scale

Counting scales give you the ability to count high volumes of the same part accurately and efficiently. They can also be integrated with printers and data-capture systems to further improve inventory processes. Precision Solutions offers a variety of counting scales from well-known industry leaders such as Setra, Avery Weigh-Tronix, GSE and more.

Custom Engineered Solutions

programmers developing a custom programming solution

Precision Solutions can help solve your most challenging applications using Custom Engineered Solutions from our Integrated Solutions Team.  In the world of manufacturing it is not at all unusual to be faced with challenges for which there is no off-the-shelf solution.

Weigh/Label Systems

Washdown Printer Enclosure

Precision Solutions, Inc. is your one-stop headquarters for a state-of-the-art barcode labeling system that can meet the heavy demands of a food processing environment. Featuring the latest weighing, labeling and processing components available today, our weigh/label system will enhance the accuracy and throughput in your production facility.

Test Weight

Test Weights for Sale

Precision Solutions, Inc. offers a line of class 0 through 7 test weights from Rice Lake and Troemner. Test weights can be used for interim daily and weekly calibration to ensure that your scales and balances are still performing adequately for production purposes. Different applications require different tolerances; the team of application specialists at Precision Solutions, Inc. are ready to find the right reference standard to keep your operation running within tolerance. Customers can be confident in Precision Solutions’ test weights as they offer NIST traceability with certificates of calibration.

Forklift Scales

Forklift Scale

Forklift scales provide a convenient method for weighing the objects handled by your company’s forklifts and fork trucks. High-quality scales will deliver an accurate reading of the item’s weight, which can be beneficial for shipping, purchasing and selling purposes — they will transform your forklift into a scale on wheels

Product Track & Trace Solutions

Track and Trace Solutions

Precision Solutions is your one-stop source for tracking and tracing solutions that are ideally suited for the meat and poultry industry. We offer an extensive selection of products that facilitate production management and labeling from harvesting through final shipping to the store. Our turnkey solutions help your business become more effective and efficient, improving your bottom line.

Tank and Hopper Scales

Industrial Hopper Scale

Do you have tanks or hoppers in your business that are frequently filled with goods? If your business is of any significant size in industries like agriculture, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, manufacturing and other process industries, you almost certainly do. Being able to keep good track of the contents of those tanks and hoppers consistently can have a dramatic effect on the success or failure of your business.

Crane Scales and Overhead Weighing

Crane Scale

Companies across industries such as metal manufacturing, foundries, chemical plants, and material handling facilities find value in crane scales as they are able to accurately gather weight and inventory data while their products are in motion. This is a significant time-saving benefit enabling products to be accurately weighed and moved for shipment simultaneously.

Floor Scales and Pallet Weighing

Floor Scale

Floor scales and platform scales are used in many industries and are the right answer when you need rugged, durable and accurate weighing even in the harshest environments. Precision Solutions, Inc. can provide floor scales from industry leaders such as Avery-Weigh-Tronix and Rice Lake Weighing, as well as many others with several options for capacities, wash-down variety, anti-slip surfacing, sub-floor pit mounted, ramps and more.

Truck Scales and Train Weighing

Truck Scale

Precision Solutions offers a line of rugged, accurate and reliable truck scales and railroad scales. We’ve been selling and installing these heavy capacity scales for decades. Precision Solutions sales and service professionals will work with you to get the right truck scale or railroad scale that offers the best value for your application. Contact Precision Solutions, to find out about the variety of options available for you.

Washdown IP69K

IP69K Washdown Scale

Our selection of industrial waterproof scales includes numerous product from some of the top manufacturers in the industry. Choose from multiple platform sizes to meet your company’s weighing requirements. The NEMA 4X and IP69K ratings ensure excellent protection against liquids, solids, and environmental factors — you can use them with confidence in the most challenging conditions.

Intrinsically Safe / Hazardous Environment Scales

Intrinsically Safe Scale Indicator

Intrinsically safe and hazardous environment scales are designed to produce consistently accurate measurements while operating with minimal energy use. Application specialists at Precision Solutions, Inc. utilize intrinsically safe scales from industry leaders such as Minebea Intec and Rice Lake Weighing Systems to create custom solutions for chemical, grain processing and other hazardous environments. Furthermore, the team at Precision Solutions, Inc. offers custom, in-house technologies to help its customers with safe data collection and processing.

Material Handling Solutions

In-Motion Conveyor Scale

Precision Solutions provides innovative solutions for material handling incorporating new technologies in weighing and product identification. Advancements in weighing methods and technology enable products to be weighed on the move and data to be transferred without being attached to a wire or cable.

Force Testing and Material Test Stands

Force Test Stand

Precision Solutions, Inc. offers material test stands and force testers from Chatillon, Ametek, Lloyd and Dillon. As compared to handheld force gauges, force testers and material test stands offer superior speed and direction control.
Customers in industries such as medical and healthcare, manufacturing and chemical, and pharmaceutical find great value in material test stands for their ability to accurately replicate tests and produce analytical data which can be used for analysis.



Checkweighers are widely used to maximize bottom-line performance in manufacturing and food processing companies and are especially helpful in meat processing applications. Specifically, checkweighers commonly serve to ensure that the weight of a packaged product falls within the guidelines specified by the company/user. Checkweighers eliminate cost overruns from overweight packages and rejected shipments from underweight packages.

Force Gauges and Force Measurement

Force Gauges and force measurement

Force gauges are handheld measurement devices that utilize self-contained load cells to measure both tension and compression forces. Precision Solutions, Inc. offers a selection of products from Chatillon, Ametek, and Dillon that provide varying functionalities for a wide range of applications.

Bench Scales

Industrial Bench Scale

Bench Scales have a use in almost every industry. From shipping and receiving, carton filling, food or chemical processing and general weighing purposes, bench scales are flexible to accommodate your needs. They come in a variety of capacities and can be portable on a cart with wheels, wash-down or stainless-steel and where you chose to mount the indicator is flexible as well.

Wheel Weighers and Portable Truck Weighing

Wheel Weigher

Precision Solutions, Inc. carries wheel weighers from CAS Scale, Intercomp and MSI. Application specialists work with customers to identify the right product for applications across numerous applications such as law enforcement, temporary truck weighing, racing, aviation, construction and environmental site clean up.

In-Motion Scales & Dynamic Weighing

in motion industrial scale

Application Specialists at Precision Solutions, Inc. integrate in-motion scales,  in-line checkweighers and Conveyor scales from Avery Weigh-Tronix, Rice Lake Weighing Systems, and Vande Berg Scales with barcoding and automation to create customized, automated weighing solutions for our customers’ conveyor systems and material handling requirements.

Indicators and Remote Displays

Digital Scale Indicator

Precision Solutions offers a variety of options for weight indicators and remote displays just right for your environment and weighing application. From basic weight readouts to complex data capture, integration and process control solutions, our application specialists can help you determine just the right weight indicator. If you are looking for IIoT and Industry 4.0 automation solutions our Integration Solutions team will get you on the right track with a compatible weight indicator and help you with integration into your data reporting systems.

Load Cells

Double Ended Loadcell Scales

Load cells are the key component in your weighing equipment. They measure weight or force then transmit the information to the scale indicator or display. Precision Solutions provides a wide variety of load cells from light capacity to durable heavy capacity load cells. Quality, reliable single point cells, double-ended beams, single-ended beams, S-type and even hermetically sealed canister load cells used in tank and hopper weighing are available through Precision Solutions.

Health and Medical Scales

Medical Scale

Precision Solutions, Inc. provides a selection of scales from Invacare, Detecto, Brecknell and Rice Lake which cater specifically to health and medical industries. Hospitals, school athletic departments and nursing homes among others. Find value in the scales and calibration services provided by the team of application specialists and technicians at Precision Solutions. Contact Precision Solutions, Inc. today to find out how we can help with your needs.

Labels, Tags and Ribbons

Industrial Labels

Precision Solutions provides labels, tags and ribbons for industrial label printers and barcode applications. Our extensive experience in challenging environments makes us a great resource for your special labeling and barcoding requirements. You’ll get the expertise to handle the toughest label problems. We use Honeywell OEM quality labels, ribbons and tags so you can be confident that your labels will do the job right and be compatible with your printing equipment.

Label Printers & Printer Enclosures

industrial washdown barcode label printer

Precision Solutions is a authorized Honeywell distributor and provides industrial label printers and printing supplies from this renowned manufacturer. These solid state printers prove to be a critical and valuable component to our customers who need to create custom labeling solutions for food, pharmaceutical and packing industries, among others.

Inventory Management Solutions

Counting Scale

Using a Precision Solutions’ inventory management solution right at the receiving dock verifies the actual incoming inventory matches what your supplier said they shipped. You may even choose to incorporate a printer and barcode scanner into your solution so a barcode label can be applied to the incoming inventory with the part number, piece count, lot number and more at the same time it’s received.

Shipping & Receiving Solutions

Shipping Scale

Precision Solutions has solutions from benchtop weighing too heavy capacity floor scales, fork truck scales and even full length freight truck scales to handle weighing of your shipped and received goods. If you are not weighing everything you ship and receive, you need to talk to a weighing application specialist from Precision Solutions.