Our Commitment & Values

Benchmark Customer Care

Excellence in customer care is not just a phrase or motto at Precision, rather a longstanding core part of our culture and the primary responsibility of everyone on our team… we call it “Benchmark Customer Care”. Our mission statement leads off with, “Precision Solutions, as a team, is committed to exceeding our customer’s needs and expectations in all aspects of service, quality and overall satisfaction”. That is our mission to which we are committed, and Benchmark Customer Care is how we deliver.

Both new hires and existing team members spend time learning and reinforcing the fundamentals of our Benchmark Customer Care philosophy. Our core purpose of “making a positive difference in the lives and businesses of those we serve” and our core values of being honest, helpful and reliable make up the framework of this customer care philosophy. We believe in giving our customers individual attention, being experts on our products and services and looking for the win-win in everything we do. We are each committed to be the most positive and helpful person we know, and always strive to enhance, improve and add value to our customer’s business. Above all, we are committed to always, always, always be honest and worthy of our customer’s trust and we understand that trust is the foundation upon which all else is built.

We believe that to deliver the highest possible value to our customers and build a strong foundation for the future, we must get this right and never waiver on our commitment to delivering excellence in customer care.

Our Commitment

Integrity – Honesty – Trust… the foundation upon which all else is built.

These are the guiding principles upon which we built our business and serve our customers today, always striving to do the right thing and to make a positive difference in the lives and businesses of those we serve.

Since our humble beginnings in 1968 there is no doubt a lot has changed, but our foundation of integrity, honesty, trust and doing what’s right remains true and provides the conduit for longstanding successful relationships with our customers.

To Our Customers, Our Teammates, Our Suppliers and Our Community…  We strive, every day, to do what is right and be worthy of your trust.  We put nothing else above this commitment.

…Because We Care