Intrinsically Safe Weighing Systems

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intrinsically safe digital scale indicatorIntrinsically safe scales are designed to safely capture weighments in hazardous environments where the air may become laden with flammable gasses, vapor, dust, or fibers. At Precision Solutions, we not only sell intrinsically safe scales, but we also design custom weighing solutions that can integrate scales with databases or ERP’s, automate weighing processes including filling or batching/blending, and safely transmit weighment data to safe areas in your facility. At Precision Solutions, we design intrinsically safe weighing solutions that allow you to capture vital weighments while always ensuring the safety of your team and environment.

Precision Solutions is a distributor and integrator of hazardous area equipment including balances, bench scales, floor scales, platform scales, truck scales, and load cells. We offer scales with ATEX, IECEx, and FM-approved certifications. We also provide repair services and ISO 17025 Accredited calibration services for intrinsically safe scales and balances. We even offer 24/7 emergency service every day of the year for those manufacturers in the Pennsylvania and New Jersey area.

Intrinsically Safe Scale System Designs

Often, manufacturers struggle with outdated weighing processes due to challenges operating in a hazardous environment. Manual, time-consuming processes can be minimized, even in hazardous areas, with custom weighing systems from the Integrated Solutions team at Precision Solutions. Precision Solutions leverages its knowledge of industrial scale technology, systems integration, industrial automation, and software programming to develop safe, and effective weighing solutions for hazardous environments. Our team has developed intrinsically safe software and integrated weighing solutions across many manufacturing environments including:

Our Integrated Systems Specialists are experts in weighing scale data communications. Our team designs intrinsically safe weighing systems with multiple options for data communications including RS-232, Ethernet, Bluetooth, and wifi. If you are using manual, outdated processes because of safety concerns in your hazardous environment, our Integrated Solutions Specialists can build you a safe weighing solution that expedites your process and increases your throughput rate.

Manufacturers implement weigh stations because they are in need of the resulting weighment data. At Precision Solutions, we know that every organization’s data needs are different. Some operators use weighment data for quality control while others use it to monitor plant production volume. Our team knows our clients in manufacturing may have unique physical constraints in their plant, challenges in their operational systems, or specific regulations with which they need to comply. Our custom systems are tailored to each location to ensure every need of the operations team is met.

After designing and implementing a system with our Integrated Solutions Specialists, our team of Certified Weighing Technicians will minimize downtime in your operation with ISO 17025 Accredited calibration and repair services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Scale Integration Available at a National Level

Although Precision Solutions Inc. operates out of Eastern Pennsylvania, we extend our reach throughout the United States with our Integrated Solutions. Whether you’re a trucking company in California, an oil refinery in Texas or a pharmaceutical manufacturer in New York, we’ll help you automate your processes by integrating your industrial scales with custom software.

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Partner With Precision Solutions For Intrinsically Safe Systems

Precision Solutions will build you custom-engineered, intrinsically safe scale systems programmed by our own in-house team. From scales and barcoding equipment to PC interfaces and software solutions, we can design and build you a turnkey system. All of our hazardous area scales are installed by Certified Weighing Technicians. You can rest assured that your equipment will be designed and installed by true professionals employing attention to detail and unwavering care.

At Precision Solutions, we have decades of experience with scale repair, calibration, installation and integration. If your business needs an intrinsically safe scale that requires integration or automation, contact us to discuss how we can help. To learn more about our intrinsically safe weighing systems or scale software integration, contact us online today.

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“We thought that we would save some money by having a scale company with lower rates repair our truck scale. Turns out that the lower priced service company isn’t always the less expensive solution. The “Lower Rate” scale company sent two service technicians for a full day and was unable to bring the scale back into service. We called the folks from Precision and they sent one service technician who repaired our scale and had us up and running in less than four hours. Their knowledge and years of experience is worth the higher hourly rate which in the end would have saved us a lot of money.” – Bryan Hughes, Haines & Kibblehouse, Inc.

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