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Capture valuable data that you can use to make real-time decisions in your manufacturing environment with an automated data collection system customized to meet your needs. At Precision Solutions, we help companies become more productive and efficient by collecting, organizing, sending, and storing weighment data.

Our software solutions can be designed to be compatible with existing databases and all of the common enterprise resource planning platforms (ERPs), including Oracle, SAP, Sage, Epicor and Microsoft. Each of our solutions are custom-engineered to ensure every piece of data is captured within the customer’s specifications.

Customizable Weight Data Collection and Reporting Software

The systems we design and install are compatible with a broad range of brands and types of industrial scales. Our team of Integrated Solutions Specialists can capture data from all of the common scales found in manufacturing operations:

Our team will design your system to collect and transmit data using the method that makes the most sense for your specific environment. Depending on the conditions and layout of your production environment, this could include sharing weighment transaction data over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or hardwired serial RS232 connection. Weighment transaction data can be stored locally to ensure no data is lost during a network outage, or it can be stored in cloud based databases for shared access across locations and departments.

What Processes Can You Improve With ERP Scale Integration?

Automated and integrated scale data collection can give you real time insights into the performance of your business, no matter where you are. You can use the information gathered from the weighment along with custom reporting tools to measure the performance of individual lines, assess the productivity of teams, or project available inventory based on production volume. When weighment data is readily available in your ERP, you can utilize it along with other performance data to streamline work, reduce waste, and increase productivity as part of a lean continuous improvement initiative.

Quality Management

With automatic scale data collection, you can quickly and easily monitor the quality of your manufactured goods. With custom software, the weighment data can be captured and analyzed in a dashboard. If manufactured goods are outside of your tolerance levels, you can move quickly to make adjustments in your production lines.

Inventory Controls

You can also use the solutions we provide for advanced inventory management. When paired with counting scales, scale data collection software provides real time insight into your throughput and on-hand inventory.

Cost Controls

Scale data collection using an automated system will help you achieve more control over the cost of goods sold. You can develop more consistent processes and identify areas where you can reduce waste and decreasing overhead and production costs.

Product Tracking

Our integrated scale data collection software can be paired with barcode scanning tools to streamline track and trace processes. Options include fixed and mobile scanners that operate using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity and can be tied-in with scales to pair product information with weighments.

The Benefits of Automated Scale Data Collection

Integrating your weighment data with your ERP or database via automated scale data collection will give you deeper insights into your production processes. Streamline data capture, reduce product waste, and maximize throughput with a weighment data capture system:

  • Real-time performance monitoring: With the data provided, you can fine-tune production techniques and identify anomalous plant activity in real-time. You can make immediate changes to ensure the highest product quality without creating waste.
  • Real-time production data: Our solutions let you access Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in real time.
  • Real-time inventory insight: A custom scale data collection software package will also provide you with up-to-the-moment inventory data from all points in production. You can generate custom reports for all of your factory, warehouse and remote locations.
  • Automatic data entry: The products we offer will take your collected weight data and automatically populate your ERP. This eliminates the need for manual input, helping you save time, granting you faster access to the information and ensuring higher accuracy.
  • Simplified accounting: A customized reporting system also makes it easier to track accounts payable and accounts receivable. You will save time generating and processing invoices, improve invoice accuracy and reduce the time spent collecting payments.
  • Improved collaboration: Scale data collection using an integrated system will get production data into the hands of all decision makers in a timely manner. Data that was historically compartmentalized will be available to everyone, subsequently breaking work silos down and encouraging better group collaboration.
  • Greater compliance: Integrating weighment data capture with your ERP or database makes it easier to stay compliant with industry regulations. You gain increased ftransparency, better accuracy and more consistency. This process will also make it easier to prepare for audits, even with large amounts of complex data.


Scale Integration Available at a National Level

Although Precision Solutions Inc. operates out of Eastern Pennsylvania, we extend our reach throughout the United States with our Integrated Solutions. Whether you’re a trucking company in California, an oil refinery in Texas or a pharmaceutical manufacturer in New York, we’ll help you automate your processes by integrating your industrial scales with custom software.

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If you’re ready to leverage the power of automatic weight data collection and reporting for your organization, talk to our team. Precision Solutions is an ISO-accredited provider of industrial calibration and repair services across New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania and beyond. What’s more, because of our niche knowledge in programming and industrial scale technology, our custom solutions for weighing applications can be found nation-wide. We’ll create a tailored solution for you and guide you through seamless implementation.

We also perform a wide range of on-site calibration and maintenance services. Our technicians are certified by the International Society of Weighing and Measurement (ISWM). They have extensive skills and experience with weighing technology and other metrological equipment to help you achieve and maintain precision control over every item you weigh so you can focus on business growth and success.

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