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Track and Trace Solutions

Track and Trace Systems

Greater concerns about food safety and increased consumer awareness regarding food handling procedures have created the need for more efficient “track and trace” systems for poultry and meat industry companies. All parties in the supply chain demand the ability to accurately track the location of the product at every phase of the handling and processing operation and to trace the product back to its origins.

At Precision Solutions, we understand the importance of having an advanced track and trace system for meat and poultry industry applications. We’ve been providing cutting-edge meat and poultry weighing and barcoding equipment for decades. We offer an extensive selection of products that facilitate production management and labeling from harvesting through final shipping to the store. Our turnkey solutions help your business become more effective and efficient, improving your bottom line.

We Feature Track and Trace Systems for Poultry and Meat Industry Operations

Precision Solutions is your one-stop source for tracking and tracing solutions that are ideally suited for the meat and poultry industry:

CaseLabel Pro

CaseLabel Pro™ for Production Box Labeling – Designed for production box labeling, CaseLabel Pro is the heart of our robust weighing and barcode labeling system that can withstand the rigors of meat and poultry processing environments. This easy-to-use system provides enhanced flexibility and control for your weighing and labeling operations eliminating operator errors, reducing waste and providing faster throughput speed for increased productivity.  Over/under tolerance limits, on-screen running totals, fast “HOT KEY” product selection and automatic or single-touch print modes all add to the CaseLabel Pro enhanced experience.

CaseLabel Manager

CaseLabel Manager™ for Office Data Management – This effective office data management tool works in tandem with CaseLabel Pro to provide fast, efficient data collection, summary reporting and other valuable tracking and tracing functions. CaseLabel Manager features intuitive software that enables you to access the information you need to perform a detailed data analysis, as well as design custom label formats for high-speed printing applications.

Case Label Scan

CaseLabel Scan™ for Order-Filling/Shipping – This productive order-filling and shipping solution increases speed and accuracy for processes such as loading trailers and printing manifests. You’ll be able to track meat and poultry boxes and fill and validate orders with greater speed and precision than ever. Linked via Wi-Fi to the CaseLabel Manager system, CaseLabel Scan sends shipping transaction records back to the office database where they can be exported to other business software for invoicing or other analysis.

Why Choose Precision Solutions?

When you choose Precision Solutions for your track and trace solution, you also get complete support and service that will help you maximize its performance. We provide expert calibration services to ensure your equipment delivers accurate results and remains in compliance with today’s stringent regulations. We can also provide timely 24/7/365 repair and maintenance service to keep your track and trace system in peak operating condition. We’re an ISO IEC 17025 accredited company that makes quality the primary focus in everything we do.

Contact Us to Learn More About Our Track and Trace Systems for Meat Processors

Discover how our track and trace systems for poultry and meat applications can add value to your processing operation. Contact Precision Solutions for more information today.

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