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ground beef processing & weighingPrecision Solutions leverages it’s extensive knowledge of weighing technology to create innovative filling, batching and blending systems across all manufacturing environments. Implementing an automated process weighing solution can increase your throughput rate, reduce your reliance on labor, or improve product quality. With holes in the supply chain and changes in the labor market, manufacturers are leveraging automated process weighing solutions to combat the uncertainty of today’s manufacturing environment:

  • Reduce human error and reduce your risk of bad batches by creating programmed set points in your process weighing system.
  • Improve the accuracy and repeatability of every batch with pre-programmed products and recipes.
  • Gather real-time insight into your plant performance by integrating your batching, blending, or filling system with databases or ERP.
  • Increase your throughput rate by automating filling, batching, and blending processes.
  • Reduce your reliance on trained manufacturing staff by automating processes.
  • Set your team up for success by utilizing pre-programmed products and recipes
  • Closely monitor your inventory with real-time weighment data from your plant floor.

Components of Process Weighing Systems

Depending on how complicated your manufacturing operation is, your business will require different equipment for your process weighing system. Each system consists of several scales that your business can preset with points for weighing tanks and hoppers. When arranged with multiple hoppers and tanks, your business can use these systems for batching, blending and inventory monitoring. Decrease your production time by fully automating your filling and monitoring process.

Filling Systems

Precision Solutions offers multiple accurate and intuitive solutions to automate filling and dispensing processes in manufacturing facilities including solutions driven by scale indicators, PLC’s or integrated PC’s. Programmable scale indicators can be loaded with recipes, ingredients, or other data to directly control the filling process. Scale indicators can also be integrated with switches and control devices – such as valves. The resulting loss-in-weight data from a filling process can be sent to databases or an ERP. As alternative options, filling systems can also be driven by PLC’s or integrated PC’s with custom software.

In many manufacturing environments, tanks or hoppers with corresponding load cells are used to hold, weigh, and dispense product. Conversely, floor, platform, or bench scales can also be used for dispensing or filling functions. Our team includes experts in both weighing technology and software programming; with this unique combination of skills, we design turnkey filling and dispensing solutions for our clients in food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical manufacturing.

Batching and Blending

In manufacturing, batching and blending processes control the flow of ingredients from separate vessels, tanks or hoppers, into a common vessel. Subsequently, the combined product may be heated, cooled or mixed prior to being dispensed. Weights are most commonly captured by load cells positioned under the legs of tanks or hoppers.

At Precision Solutions we design efficient, accurate, and easy-to-use batching and blending systems that are carefully tailored to each of our client’s needs. In many operations, the same equipment is used to create multiple products. Our systems can be programmed with recipes to minimize operator error and reduce product waste from manual processes. Batching and blending can be controlled by loss-in-weight from each ingredient’s tank or hopper, or by sensing the weight in the mixing or blending vessel. Our batching systems can be driven by programmable scale indicators or can be tied to PLC’s or programs written on PC’s. As experts in weighing technology, we are often called upon by PLC companies to program scale indicators so they can communicate with PLC’s.

Inventory Monitoring

Precision Solutions integrates tank and hopper scales with adjacent tools so you can monitor your factory’s tanks and hoppers in real time. Through tank and hopper integration with a PLC, your business will be able to make well informed decisions to ensure the profitability and success of your operation. Precision Solutions is a distributor of load cells and scale indicators from leading manufacturers such as Avery Weigh-Tronix, Minebea-Intec, and Rice-Lake. Our Integrated Solutions specialists are scale data communications experts. As such, we often sell and design custom weighing solutions and write programs to have our scales communicate with PLC’s. In the past, we’ve also created programs that tie-in scales to ERP’s and databases so our clients can use the data for traceability, accounting functions, or productivity reporting.


Scale Integration Available at a National Level

Although Precision Solutions Inc. operates out of Eastern Pennsylvania, we extend our reach throughout the United States with our Integrated Solutions. Whether you’re a trucking company in California, an oil refinery in Texas or a pharmaceutical manufacturer in New York, we’ll help you automate your processes by integrating your industrial scales with custom software.

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Choose Precision Solutions for Process Weighing Systems

Our team at Precision Solutions has decades of experience and expertise in designing process weighing systems for pharmaceutical, chemical, and food and beverage manufacturers. As a comprehensive provider of weighing solutions, we provide industrial-scale repairs; ISO 17025 Accredited scale calibrations; scale, balance, and mass standard sales; and scale integration and automation services. With a process weighing system from Precision Solutions, your business will become more efficient and productive through weighing automation.

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