Surface Plate Calibration & Resurfacing Services

Simply the normal process of moving parts on and off of your surface plates coupled with airborne dust and abrasives can cause enough wear on the granite surface plate material to cause errors in your measurements.  Timely calibration is essential for ensuring they retain their flatness and precision. Precision Solutions, Inc., offers expert surface plate calibration services to companies in Pennsylvania and New Jersey that will maintain plate measurements within acceptable guidelines and prolong their lifespan. You’ll have complete confidence in the accuracy and precision of your plates.

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We Specialize in Granite Surface Plate Calibration and Lapping

Precision Solutions, Inc., located in Quakertown, PA, offers granite surface plate lapping service designed to bring plate measurements within grade guidelines. We provide an effective calibration/lapping inspection process that includes cleaning and polishing the surface, checking for excessive wear, and measuring to determine overall flatness and localized variation.  We test for localized variation by taking many readings over the entire surface looking for the maximum high and low deviations.

The measurements will indicate the level of deviation, if any, from the standard for the specific plate grade. If the readings indicate any low areas, we’ll resurface the plate to restore the acceptable level of flatness.

Surface Plate Reconditioning Services Delivered by Certified Technicians in PA and NJ

At Precision Solutions, Inc., we understand lapping surface plates. Our capable staff has a fully equipped service vehicle that includes everything needed to perform a fast, efficient on-site calibration that will meet your quality requirements, regardless of surface grade.

Upon completion of your surface plate calibration service, you’ll receive a Calibration Certificate listing the grade and any work performed to restore flatness. Your certificate will also detail the “as found” and “as left” conditions.

In addition, we offer reliable managed calibration services to ensure you never miss a scheduled calibration.

All Surface Plate Calibration Services Feature Our Benchmark Customer Care

Our commitment to customer care sets Precision Solutions, Inc., apart from our competitors. To us, this means doing whatever it takes to meet your expectations and finding ways to enhance and add value to your business. We take pride in being experts on every product and service we offer and looking for a “win-win” solution in everything we do. We’ll work hard to earn — and keep — your trust.

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Our surface plate calibration services are available to businesses in the Lehigh Valley and Delaware Valley regions, as well as throughout New Jersey and PA Counties Montgomery, Bucks, York, Philadelphia, Chester, Lancaster, Berks, Lebanon, Lackawanna, Luzerne and beyond. Give us a call today at 215-536-4400 for more information or to schedule your service.