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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Scales & USP Balance Calibration Service in NJ and PA

If you own or operate a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility, you probably rely on high-precision balances and scales to ensure the accuracy and consistency required to meet the stringent FDA standards. The use of reliable high-precision balances and scales also helps to minimize critical errors that often result in production losses or delays, or even product recalls that can severely damage your company’s brand and reputation.

laboratory balance measuring red powderA specific concern of most pharmaceutical manufacturers these days is ensuring their weighing equipment complies with the United States Pharmacopeia General Chapter 41 standard, which is a requirement for quality control analysis measurement in the pharma industry. A December 2013 USP-41 revision mandates testing requirements to ensure weighing accuracy in accordance with current weighing procedures, as well as process repeatability.

Under the revised USP-41 testing standard, pharma companies must ensure that the test weight falls within 5 percent to 100 percent of the balance capacity and that the tolerance equals .1 percent of the nominal value of the test point. In addition, the weight uncertainty must be below one-third of the tolerance.

USP has had changes since the 2013 release. It is best to review the most recent standard to ensure your requirements are accurate.

Our Products & Solutions For Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

  • Balances – Precision Solutions partners with brands such as Sartorius to find the right electronic balances for our clients in the pharmaceutical industry. Our Certified Weighing Technicians are familiar with electronic balances from all major scale brands and have an in-depth understanding of their functionality. Whether you need a precision balance with draft shields or an analytical balance with internal calibration technology, we can find the right electronic balance for you.
  • Bar Code Scanners – Precision Solutions is a Zebra and Honeywell partner and can find you the right bar code scanner for your operation. The Integrated Solutions group at Precision Solutions creates custom scale systems for pharmaceutical companies to support their traceability needs. We write software and create customized applications to seamlessly integrate bar code scanners and other logistics equipment with scales and balances.
  • Bench/Shipping Scales – Whether you need a bench scale with a stainless steel pan or a programmable indicator, we are happy to find an accurate and precise scale for your operation.
  • Checkweighers – Checkweighers can provide actionable, live data to track the performance and productivity of your pharmaceutical operation. Talk to our Integrated Solutions team about how we can send check-weighing data to your database or ERP.
  • Counting Scales – Our team at Precision Solutions knows how vital each count can be for pharmaceutical operations. We are ISO 17025 Certified providers of scale calibration and can conduct USP 41 calibrations for your counting scales.
  • Custom Engineered Solutions – The Integrated Solutions team at Precision Solutions are experts in industrial automation with the ability to create customized applications and weighing systems for the pharmaceutical industry. We get weighment data where you need it to be when you need it to be there. We can automate batching processes, control weighing and batching processes remotely, monitor plant performance through weighment data, or tie-in weighment data to your ERP. No matter how unique your scale application may be, we can help. Contact us to unlock the potential of your weighing data.
  • Floor Scales – Precision Solutions sells, services, and integrates floor and platform scales from leading manufacturers such as Sartorius, Minibea-Intec, Weigh-Tronix, and Rice Lake. Our Certified Weighing Technicians arrive prepared with certified and traceable weight sets and user manuals to ensure IQ, OQ, and PQ processes and USP41 calibrations for the pharmaceutical industry are efficient and compliant. Our team is knowledgeable about how environmental conditions can impact the performance of your scale or balance, and we are happy to advise you on the right scale for your environment. Our Integrated Solutions team can write customized applications so you can use your floor scale for dispensing or batching processes.
  • Force Gauges & Force Measurement – In addition to scales and balances, Precision Solutions calibrates force measurement equipment. Whether you are measuring weight, force, or otherwise, our goal is to be your one-stop-shop for calibration. Contact us and we will do our best to find a trusted calibration provider for all of your calibration needs.
  • Force Testing & Material Test Stands – Our team is ready to schedule your material test stand calibrations. Avoid multiple calibration cycles and calls by allowing our technicians at Precision Solutions to take care of all of your calibration needs.
  • Forklift Scales – In addition to forklift sales, Precision Solutions provides pallet truck scales as well. No matter what tools you use to move products, our team is ready to upgrade, restock, or service your fleet.
  • Indicators/Remote Displays – Precision Solutions carries scale indicators and remote displays from leading manufacturers such as Rice Lake and Avery Weigh Tronix. Furthermore, we write customized applications so your indicators can control weighing processes. We create weighing systems that communicate weighment data via Bluetooth, wireless network, or serial cables. Often, we can use existing scale indicators to drive your weighing systems and automate processes.
  • In-Motion Scales – Precision Solutions provides calibration, repair, sales, and integration services for in-motion scales in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Intrinsically Safe/Hazardous Environment Scales – Our team is well-versed in weighing systems for hazardous environments. We provide sales, calibration, and repair of intrinsically safe scales. We write customized applications for hazardous environment scales to ensure weighment data is captured and communicated to your database or remote scale indicator safely.
  • Inventory Management Solutions – Our Integrated Solutions team creates customized applications which help our pharmaceutical partners manage inventory via weighing processes. Our systems help the pharmaceutical industry ensure traceability of their products.
  • Label Printers & Printer Enclosures – We partner with well known brands such as Zebra and Honeywell to ensure you get the right printing solution for your environment. Our Integrated solutions team can help tie-in printers to your weighing equipment.
  • Labels/Tags/Ribbons – The pharmaceutical industry has many unique labeling requirements; our Integrated Solutions team can help pair your operation with the right labeling solution.
  • Laboratory Weighing – When choosing balances and scales for your laboratory, we know you have many features to consider: draft shields, internal calibration features, pill counting features, and legal for trade requirements to name a few. Whether you are looking for a precision balance or bench scale, our team can help you find the right solution for your unique environment.
  • Load Cells – Our team can help you choose the right load cell for your application. If you are working in a hazardous environment or need to know which load cells are suitable for the pharmaceutical industry, we can help.
  • Pallet Weighing – Contact us to discuss pallet jack scales, floor scales, and forklifts scales for your operation.
  • Shipping & Receiving Solutions – We carry bench scales to fit every application and price point. Our Integrated Solutions team can create a custom weighing system to automate processes and increase productivity for your shipping and receiving team.
  • Tank/Hopper Scales – Call us to find the right load cells for your next tank or hopper installation. Through our integration expertise and strong relationships with leading manufacturers including Minibea-Intec and Rice Lake, we are known for our ability to find effective solutions to even the most challenging tank and hopper installations.
  • Test Weights – We provide weight sets for the pharmaceutical industry including Class I weights.
  • Truck & Railroad Scales – Precision Solutions provides trucks scale repairs, calibrations, sales, and integration services. We can write custom programs to capture axel weights, control remote displays and gates, or send truck weighments to remote scale houses or databases.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Services We Offer

  • Calibration Services – Precision Solutions an ISO 17025 Accredited provider of pharmaceutical scale and balance calibrations and is well versed in Handbook 44 (H44) and USP 41 procedures. After we find the right scale or balance for your operation, our Certified Weighing Technicians can also help you with IQ/OQ/PQ procedures for your new equipment.
  • Repair Services – We are here in your operation’s time of need; we respond quickly to minimize our clients’ downtime. Our Certified Weighing Technicians will arrive with spare parts, weight sets that are traceable to NIST, and confidence from years of experience fixing electronic balances, load cells, and scales.
  • Emergency Service – As more and more pharmaceutical companies adopt continuous manufacturing practices, they repeatedly turn to Precision Solutions when in need of emergency service. Our repair services are available 24/7/365. We use agile scheduling to pivot our team and get your load cells, electronic balances, or pharmaceutical scales back online safely and efficiently.
  • Integration Services – Our Integrated Solutions team are experts in weighment data communications and can unlock the potential of your weighment data. Whether you are looking to wirelessly communicate weighment data or integrate your scales with your new ERP, the Integrated Solutions team will have a thoughtful customized solution for your operation. In addition, our team automates weighing processes and writes custom programs to control adjacent functions such as filling, batching, or labeling.
  • Custom Programming – Our Integrated Solutions team writes custom programs to drive weighing and manufacturing processes for the pharmaceutical industry. They can integrate scales and control processes via scale indicators, an integrated PC or PLC, or a custom mobile app.
  • Quality Program ISO/IEC 17025 – Precision Solutions is ISO 17025 Accredited as a provider of scale and balance calibrations. We are experts in H44 and USP 41 procedures and can help recommend the right testing procedure for each of your scales and balances.

Precision Solutions: Your Source for Dependable Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Scales

Pharmaceutical producers require the most reliable equipment to ensure compliance with the updated USP-41 calibration standards. If you’re looking for high-quality scales and balances for pharma manufacturing in PA and NJ, look no further than Precision Solutions. Our extensive pharma product line includes high-precision scales, high-resolution balances, analytical balances, micro balances, semi-micro balances, floor scales, test weights and tank and hopper weighing equipment that will deliver the accuracy and repeatability you need to improve quality and stay compliant.

Providing Certified Calibration Services in Eastern PA and New Jersey

As an accredited ISO/IEC 17025 calibration company, Precision Solutions delivers exceptional services that adhere to the high A2LA accreditation auditing standards. This is your assurance we’ll perform our services correctly, while using reference standards traceable to the National Institute of Standards Technology (NIST).

Effective Pharma Solutions Backed by 24/7 Support

Our more than 40 years of pharmaceutical industry experience enables us to provide prompt 24/7 service to our Eastern PA and NJ customer base. We offer complete USP balance calibration service to help you maintain compliance with the revised guidelines. Many of our pharmaceutical customers also depend on our custom-engineered solutions and barcode scanning solutions to drive their product tracking, inventory control and quality assurance in production processes.

Our Benchmark Customer Care Motto

When you choose pharmaceutical scales and support services from Precision Solutions, you’re served by a company that will strive to enhance, improve and add value to your business. We understand the critical nature of your work, and we’re committed to providing the expertise you need to maximize the quality and performance of your manufacturing operation. Our goal is to deliver the results you’d expect and treat you with honesty and integrity.

Learn More About Our Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Scales and USP-41 Calibration Services

Contact Precision Solutions today to find out how we can help with your business. Our USP calibration service is available to pharma manufacturers throughout Eastern and Northeastern PA, including counties such as Bucks, Chester, Delaware, York, Philadelphia, Montgomery and Lehigh, as well as across New Jersey. Give us a call at 215-536-4400 to learn more.

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