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Force Gauge

Force gauges and dynamometers are force measurement devices that use self-contained load cells to measure tension and compression.

  • Force gauges: Force gauges measure force during a push or pull test. Force gauges from leading brands such as Ametek offer multiple units of measurement including gf, lbf, and N.  Force gauges are often accompanied by fixturing such as test stands and occasionally come with remote indicators.  Measurement data from force gauges is often communicated via USB or serial RS232.  
  • Dynamometers: Dynamometers are generally used to measure tension on suspended lines or objects, but can also be used as a crane scale. Like force gauges, measurement data can be captured in multiple units of measurement and can be communicated in a variety of ways. Leading manufacturers like Dillon also offer remote displays that wirelessly capture measurement data.  

Force Gauge and Dynamometer Calibration

Precision Solutions is an ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited calibration company with test standards traceable through NIST.  When calibrating your force devices, our technicians will follow ASTM E74, ASTM E4 testing standards or manufacturer procedures. Calibrations can be done as frequently as your quality systems need and can be set up on a scheduled Preventive Maintenance agreement so you never miss a calibration schedule.    

Force Gauges and Dynamometers for Sale

Precision Solutions offers force gauges and dynamometers from Ametek, Dillon and Chatillon. To complement force gauges, we work with our clients to find them the most suitable test stands, grips, and fixtures for their unique application. 

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