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Forklift ScaleMaterial handling and logistics has been noted as one of America’s largest and fastest developing industries. Precision Solutions is the perfect resource to keep your business going and growing.

From heavy duty scales, in-motion weighing and product tracking solutions, we have the right equipment for the material handling and logistics supply chain industry. We provide forklift scales, counting scales, shipping scales, crane scales and more… The innovative CaseLabel family product from Precision Solutions even offers our customers the ability to track inventory from the moment it arrives then through the entire process to the point of shipment. We’ll customize the software to fit your unique needs and processes.

Expert technicians are available for emergency repairs around the clock, 365 days a year. To ensure down-time is kept to a minimum and weighments are accurate, Precision Solutions encourages our customers to take advantage of our preventive maintenance services offered at different levels to fit your specific requirements.

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Boost Productivity on Every Level With Material Handling Scales

Warehouses equipped with top-notch scales and systems gain several advantages, including:

  • Accurate measurements and monitoring of inventory
  • Compliance with safety and health regulations
  • Precise shipping and receiving details and billing invoices
  • Superior efficiency and revenue earnings

With our material handling scales, which industry leaders like Avery Weigh-Tronix and Rice Lake Weighing Systems produce, plus the expertise of our International Society of Weighing and Measurement (ISWM) certified technicians, you can gain these benefits and streamline your facility’s processes.

Available Weighing Scales for Warehouses

Our warehouse weighing scales can optimize your company’s processes on every level, from measuring and weighing goods for packaging to loading and weighing trucks before and after they arrive at their destination.

Some of the scales we offer include :

  • Counting scales: Reduce the chance of product giveaway and revenue loss by incorporating counting scales into your processes. With these scales, you can calculate bulk quantities of small, identical parts with a level of precision and speed you can trust.
  • Floor scales: Use our floor or forklift scales to measure pallets of packaged goods with ease. Forklift scales help you save time by weighing pallets as they’re moved. Floor scales are helpful for hazardous environments or when sorting inventory.
  • Crane scales: Measure heavy materials with the accuracy of crane scales from MSI/ Rice Lake Weighing Systems, Dillon and other trusted manufacturers of weighing scales for warehouses. Like forklift scales, crane scales let you measure goods as they’re being moved from one location to another.
  • Truck scales: Track your inbound and outbound freight with our heavy duty truck scales. These scales ensure your company complies with weight regulations and keep your cargo and drivers safe by preventing overloading.

Integrate Your Warehouse Weighing Systems With Custom Software

Maximizing the performance of your warehouse’s weighing systems and processes is possible with our integration services, custom software and barcode solutions:

  • Barcodes: Fixed-mount and handheld barcode scanners can integrate your material handling scales with your existing computer system or Precision Solutions software. Whether you need a scanner with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology, you can find it here.
  • Software: With our decades of experience and staff of programmers, system specialists and Certified Weighing Technicians (CWTs), we can develop a custom software program to streamline your warehouse weighing systems. Plus, you’ll be able to access information in real-time.

Combining our weighing scales for warehouses with our innovative solutions lets you optimize your company’s performance while reducing the risks of product giveaway and weight violations.

Learn More About Our Warehouse Weighing Systems and Solutions

At Precision Solutions, our ISO 17025 accredited company has provided warehouse weighing systems and solutions for decades to the Pennsylvania and New Jersey business communities as well as in other states across the U.S. We can do the same for you.

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