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Did you know that new innovations in weighing and barcode technology can be instrumental in improving the speed and accuracy of handling materials?

Precision Solutions provides innovative solutions for precise material handling incorporating new technologies in weighing and product identification. Advancements in weighing methods and technology enable products to be weighed on the move and data to be transferred without being attached to a wire or cable.  Contact Precision Solutions, Inc. today to have our weighing experts help you find the load cell that’s right for your application.

material handling solutionsForklift Weighing Automation: You can look to Precision Solutions to integrate legal-for-trade robust weighing solutions right on the carriage of your forklifts to save the extra trips and space often associated with using a fixed location floor scale.

Conveyor Weighing Solutions: Boxes and products can be weighed on a conveyor line either in-motion or while sitting still. In fact, Precision Solutions can convert almost any length of your conveyor into a live weighing section and eliminate the need for a separate handling process to capture the weight.

Parts Counting and Inventory Management: As for your parts cage andinventory challenges, Precision Solutions combines the technologies of weighing, sampling, counting and barcoding to make the processes of picking and issuing parts a breeze with speed and accuracy that far exceeds what a whole team of operators could do manually.

Overhead Weighing: Is your material moved with a crane or overhead lift? Precision Solutions has a wide variety of crane and overhead weighing solutions that enable you to capture weights of product while it is suspended in the air, eliminating the extra stop and lift associated with weighing on a stationary scale.

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