Industrial Weighing Calibration/Service/Repair

emergency industrial scale repair and calibration technician

When technicians from Precision show up at your door, you know the job is going to be done right — whether it’s routine, scheduled maintenance or an emergency scale repair, our services keep you moving.

Our preventive maintenance agreements typically cover instructing your people in the proper use and maintenance of your weighing and printing equipment, testing your scales for accuracy and making adjustments required to comply with NIST standards, furnishing certified test weights and providing full written documentation of conditions found and corrections made.

More importantly, we can tailor our service programs to your particular needs. So if you need custom single or multiple-scale performance analyses, detailed calibration reports or even long-term tracking of scale performance for ISO compliance, we’re ready to do it your way. Contact us today for more information about our services or to set up an appointment.

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Precision Solutions is a fully accredited ISO IEC 17025 company and ensures that calibration services are performed only with accredited equipment that is held to the most rigorous standards available in the industry. Each one of our service technicians is Handbook 44 Certified as sanctioned by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and has earned their Certified Weighing Technician (CWT) credentials from the International Society of Weighing and Measurement (ISWM).

“We thought that we would save some money by having a scale company with lower rates repair our truck scale. Turns out that the lower priced service company isn’t always the less expensive solution. The “Lower Rate” scale company sent two service technicians for a full day and was unable to bring the scale back into service. We called the folks from Precision and they sent one service technician who repaired our scale and had us up and running in less than four hours. Their knowledge and years of experience is worth the higher hourly rate which in the end would have saved us a lot of money.”  – Bryan Hughes, Haines & Kibblehouse, Inc.