Electronic, Dial and Vernier Height Gauge Calibration Services

Height Gauge Calibration

Height gauges are used to make vertical measurements originating from a flat surface.  When using a height gauge, both the height gauge and the object being measured are placed on calibrated granite surface plates. Using a lapped and calibrated surface plate ensures the surface area is flat before measurement is underway.  

A few types of height gauges can be found in industrial applications: Electronic Height gauges, Vernier Height gauges, and Dial Height gauges.  All height gauges serve the same purpose though they vary in how they display measurement data.  Vernier and dial height gauges display measurements in analog format while electronic height gauges display information digitally via their attached display.  

Why Choose Precision Solutions for Your Height Gauge Calibration Services?

When our technicians perform height gauge calibration, we can also calibrate your surface plates and perform any required lapping on them.  Our technicians use certified and traceable gage blocks and standards to ensure all of our calibrations are accurate. 

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Precision Solutions is an ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Calibration company through A2LA.  You can trust that when our technician arrives at your facility to calibrate your height gauge, they will be prepared with the knowledge and skills needed to leave you with accurate calibration data, organized and compliant certifications, and properly functioning devices.  

For some of our clients, offsite calibrations are more convenient; we welcome you to send us your devices and we would be happy to calibrate them in our lab.

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We are happy to come to your facility to perform your calibrations on-site.  Precision Solutions regularly serves clients throughout Chester County, Berks County, Bucks County, and Montgomery County in PA.  Our technicians can often be found in calibration labs throughout the Lehigh Valley, Delaware Valley, and the surrounding region in PA and New Jersey.  No matter where your location may be, we welcome you to give us a call and we will ensure we find accredited calibration services to suit your team’s needs.  

Call Precision Solutions at 215-536-4400 or contact us online for a quote on calibration services.

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