When customers contact us with a problem they’re challenged with, we begin with the special demands of your application – not with our particular range of scales and systems. Since we never try to force-fit a preconceived answer onto your application, you can count on us to develop the solution that fits your needs perfectly. And our range of solutions is unusually broad.

Some of our customers rely on us to automate entire plants and processes, linking their production floor to the administrative functions in the business offices through a network of data collection equipment. Others look to us for barcode printers, wash down enclosures to protect them and supplies to keep them running. Still others count on us to provide high precision accuracy for pharmaceutical or chemical processes.

We believe in tailoring our solutions to perfectly fit our customers’ needs. Contact us today to talk about your special requirements.

Solutions to Fit Your Needs

Barcode Scanning Force Measurement Pallet Weighing
Batching & Process Control Inventory Management Solutions Parts Counting
Case Labeling Labeling & Tagging Portable Truck Weighing
Checkweighing Laboratory Weighing Product Track & Trace Solutions
Custom Engineered Solutions Material Handling Solutions Shipping & Receiving Solutions
In-Motion Weighing Material Testing Truck & Train Weighing
FM Approved Weighing Overhead Weighing