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Precision Solutions is an ISO 17025 Accredited provider of calibration services headquartered in Quakertown, PA – between Philadelphia and Allentown. Precision Solutions, Inc. complements its in-house services with an unmatched network of partner laboratories to provide comprehensive calibration services for our customers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and the surrounding region. Clients in manufacturing operations and quality management regularly come to Precision Solutions, Inc. for multiple calibration services:

In addition, Precision Solutions, Inc. leverages its network of partner laboratories to concurrently schedule and complete either on-site or laboratory calibration services including but not limited to electrical, temperature, and pressure.

While some calibration services require a controlled laboratory environment, others can be conducted in the field. Precision Solutions, Inc. provides both on-site and laboratory calibration services to ensure we have a solution to complement the specific needs of each of our clients.

On-Site and Laboratory Calibration Services

Manufacturers and quality laboratories regularly require calibration services to maintain compliance with their regulatory bodies or quality programs such as ISO 9001. They may also seek calibration services to better monitor plant performance or control the quality of their products.

Quality systems utilized in manufacturing environments often mandate that calibration intervals are set for measurement devices. As such, leaders in manufacturing prefer calibration service providers that will consistently complete calibrations on-time.

Precision Solutions, Inc. helps our customers determine appropriate calibration cycles for their calibration equipment. We encourage our clients to consider the following when determining a calibration cycle for their measurement devices, such as scales and balances:

  • What is the environment in which the equipment will operate?
  • How often is the equipment being used?
  • How vital is the accuracy of each measurement to your process?

Calibration services can be conducted onsite at a manufacturing facility or quality laboratory or off-site at a metrology laboratory. The availability of on-site calibration services may depend on the type of calibration being rendered. For example, the Certified Weighing Technicians at Precision Solutions, Inc. bring NIST traceable test weights to their customers’ facilities to conduct ISO 17025 Accredited scale and balance calibrations. Conversely, mass standard calibrations may need to be conducted in a controlled and monitored laboratory environment to ensure the validity of the results.

During calibration, technicians often follow specific procedures which are determined in partnership with the client prior to the calibration. For example, the Certified Weighing Technicians at Precision Solutions, Inc. may use Handbook 44 (H44) or USP 41 procedures to conduct their balance and scale calibrations. Calibration processes can vary by industry or application and may include specific requirements for legal-for-trade applications.

In pharmaceutical manufacturing, new calibration equipment may need to undergo calibration as part of IQ/OQ/PQ. To obtain accurate data, calibrations should be conducted with measurement instruments that demonstrate an unbreakable chain of traceability to NIST.

More and more, manufacturers and quality laboratories in New Jersey are partnering with Precision Solutions, Inc. to keep their measurement equipment calibrated and compliant. Precision Solutions, Inc. is not only a calibration service provider but also a trusted advisor for its clients.

Calibration Services from Precision Solutions, Inc.

Leverage our broad calibration network.

Since 1968 Precision Solutions, Inc. has focused on building relationships and broadening our network of calibration providers. We bring metrology labs and calibration providers together to offer our clients with comprehensive calibration services.

Finding new vendors for each piece of equipment can be an arduous process; we will find specialized technicians for your equipment and save you the legwork.

Get help when you need it the most.

Even in the toughest times, Precision Solutions, Inc. maintains a business model that ensures we can provide our customers with consistent, reliable service. Our team is available 24/7 to keep our customers’ equipment functional and compliant.

We keep our schedules flexible so we can help every client meet their deadlines.

Avoid the distractions of contractor turnover.

Our individual technicians are matched with specific customers and become experts in each of their accounts. They study the nuance of each environment, become experts in the facility, and ensure each customer receives thoughtful services. Whenever possible, Precision Solutions, Inc. saves time for our clients by sending the same technician each visit.

Maintain compliance with your quality programs.

We offer ISO 17025 Accredited services and regularly perform Handbook 44 (H44) and USP 41 procedures for scales and balances. See our Accredited scope for details.

Keep your team safe and productive.

Our technicians are well trained and situationally aware; they will make every effort to perform your calibration services as safely and thoughtfully as possible. They take extra care to ensure your business’s processes are not disrupted during the calibration.

Precision Solutions, Inc. provides calibration services across all industries including:

  • Meat and Poultry
  • Food and Beverage
  • Manufacturing
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Mining and Bulk Materials
  • Material Handling, Warehousing and Logistics
  • Waste Management and Recycling
  • Healthcare and Medical
  • Education

Scale and Balance Calibration Services in New Jersey

Precision Solutions, Inc. offers comprehensive scale and balance repair services to New Jersey. Our team of Certified Weighing Technicians will come prepared with NIST Traceable test weights to conduct ISO 17025 Accredited calibration services in your operation. No matter what calibration procedure you require for your quality system – including manufacturer spec, Handbook 44 (H44), and USP 41 – our team is prepared to assist you.

Some types of scales we commonly calibrate include:

  • Floor scales
  • Bench scales
  • Truck scales
  • In-motion check weighers
  • Counting scales

Some types of balances we calibrate include:

  • Micro balances
  • Semi-micro balances
  • Analytical balances
  • Precision balances
  • Precision high-capacity balances
  • Moisture analyzers

Contact Precision Solutions, Inc.

Precision Solutions, Inc. serves manufacturers and quality laboratories throughout the state of New Jersey. More and more organizations are switching to Precision Solutions, Inc. because we genuinely care about their continued success. If you are in need of a partner in calibration, be sure to contact us; we would be happy to speak with you.

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